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Betty H
Nov 24, 2020

Betty T
Nov 23, 2020

Wade G
Nov 17, 2020

Our acre is very very wooded. This was the first season we hired mosquito joe and the xperience was excellent. My husband works outside and he loved it not being bothered by mosquitos. I was able to sit on our covered front porch for the first time and enjoy. I am sold that this works!

Anita M
Nov 15, 2020

Monica N
Nov 08, 2020

Susan M
Nov 07, 2020

Jeff B
Nov 06, 2020

Nancy H
Nov 04, 2020

Had you do an event spray for a backyard wedding, No bugs were encountered!

Terry B
Nov 03, 2020

In the beginning of the summer we were being "eaten alive!!!" After the first treatment, there was an immediate, noticeable reduction in the little bloodsucking swarms. After two treatments, we were free to roam our property with no need to consider when we would have to get a transfusion. Thanks for all you did and the quick, friendly, professional service you provide.

Jim R
Nov 01, 2020